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Tyler Christopher dead at 50: Ex-husband of Eva Longoria and actor who appeared on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives passes away following 'a cardiac event in his San Diego apartment'

The show's Maurice Benard said on Instagram Tuesday: 'It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Tyler Christopher.' from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/sTk0gat

My neighbour 'built a hazardous fence on our property'... so we got our own back by erecting a BIGGER one to block it out

The British couple, named Kath and Steve, spent £400 on building materials in their row with their 'Karen' neighbour. They claimed they gave the neighbour 24 days to remove the fence. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/U7E5z24

Pro-Gaza activist hurls dozens of LIVE MICE painted in Palestinian flag colours into a Birmingham McDonald's leaving customers screaming - 'because the chain supports Israel'

This is the shocking moment a pro-Palestine activist let dozens of mice loose in a McDonald's restaurant in Birmingham.  from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/nQakKY9

Matthew Perry was found UNDERWATER in hot tub by assistant who lifted his head out to try and get him oxygen - but Friends star was dead by time firefighters pulled him out

Matthew Perry was found underwater in his hot tub by his assistant who lifted the Friends star's head up to try and get him some air, first responders said. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/IqGJzAV

Kidnapped Shani Louk is dead, her family announces, after 'bone from the base of her skull' is found three weeks after she was abducted by Hamas terrorists and paraded on the back of a truck

Louk, 22, was kidnapped from Israel to Gaza by Hamas terrorists during the deadly October 7 attack. Gunmen took at least 200 hostages and killed about 1,400 people during the dawn raid. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/U0yKse2

EXCLUSIVE: Matthew Perry died lonely and longing for a wife and a family, with late Friends star even keen to have stepchildren - because of his close bond with his own stepfather -  Dateline host Keith Morrison

Matthew Perry was lonely and longing for a wife and a family when he died, after a string of failed relationships left him feeling 'sad and depressed,' sources told DailyMail.com. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/pKqTdb9

'Fatigued' Matthew Perry cut short his pickleball game… hours later came the panicked phonecall to his family: TOM LEONARD on the tragic Friends star's final hours

The troubled actor died aged 54 in an apparent drowning accident in the hot tub in the garden of his Los Angeles home on Saturday night. Police said they found numerous painkillers in his house. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/YZqpvCf

Exclusive: Lisa Kudrow thinks Matthew Perry may have drowned 'after taking something that did not mix with warm water' and is considering adopting late co-star's DOG

The devastated actress who played Phoebe in the iconic comedy said his death at 54 did not seem real to 'any of the gang' who she pledged would attend his funeral, and might even adopt his dog. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/7n5A6HO

Friends star Matthew Perry 'has died aged 54 in accidental jacuzzi drowning at LA-area home' - as heartbroken friends say they are in a 'state of shock'

Friends star Matthew Perry has died aged 54 'after drowning in his jacuzzi at home,' sources have told TMZ. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/XPV7YHg

Heartbreaking reason why Strictly's Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly aren't in costume for Halloween special

Strictly viewers have questioned why hosts Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman weren't dressed in costume for the Halloween special on Saturday night. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/I1h9p4M

Maine mass shooter Robert Card is FOUND DEAD in the woods with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head

Maine gunman Robert Card has been found dead, according to multiple reports - ending a 48-hour manhunt. Card was discovered with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/0VZslv9

Has Noah's Ark been found? Archaeologists reveal 'ruins' found in Turkey's boat-shaped mound date back 5,000 years ago - the same period as the Biblical flood

The final resting place of Noah's Ark has yet to be found, but experts believe they have evidence showing they are close to locating on a mountain in Turkey where a boat-shaped mound sits. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/r7dLpkO

Move over, Mediterranean diet: New 'portfolio diet' is the silver bullet for health, America's top cardiologists say - here are the foods you should invest in

The American Heart Association, the nation's preeminent organization dedicated to improving heart health has endorsed the lesser-known portfolio diet. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/RO1mQuo

Bridget Fonda pictured for the first time after husband Danny Elfman was accused of sexual abuse by a second woman in new lawsuit

The former Hollywood star, who is known for her roles in Single White Female and Jackie Brown, was spotted visiting a friend in Los Angeles on Wednesday. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/vycUmI6

Paramedics who gave mother the all-clear hours before she died 'had a significant gap in their training' - as family say her two-year-old daughter desperately tried to wake her up

EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Page Smith, 29, was found with her two-year-old daughter clinging to her chest trying to wake her up at her Wolverhampton home in January. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/UPXsKBx

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Costner's ex-wife Christine Baumgartner tells friends how she REALLY feels about being 'friends with benefits' after contentious divorce

As Christine Baumgartner faces the holidays without Kevin Costner, rumors abound that ice is melting between the once passionate pair. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/LsbeOUI

Mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine: 'At least 16 dead and up to 60 injured' after man armed with AR-15-style rifle opens fire in at least three different locations - with suspect at large

Police are responding to three separate reports of shootings in Lewiston, Maine. The first call, at 7:15pm, was for Schemengee's bar; the second was for Sparetime, and the third at a Walmart. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/3Vq4tRU

Donald Trump storms out of trial after judge denies motion to dismiss case and calls him to the stand to fine him $10,000 for violating gag order for a second time

Donald Trump has stormed out of his $250million fraud trial after a series of legal blows that saw him fined $10,000 and his request for a directed verdict denied.  from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/KpA4jnB

Ex-Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley puts her four-bed detached home on the market for £875,000 - weeks after 'Cakegate' scandal where she wanted bakery to provide free food in exchange for 'promotion' on social media

The actress and her husband Tom Pitfield are asking £875,000 for their immaculately presented four-bed detached house on a quiet tree-lined cul-de-sac in the Greater Manchester area. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/zD4L2sg

Strictly Come Dancing legend is making an epic return - four years after quitting the show

A Strictly Come Dancing legend is making an epic 'return' to the show four years after quitting.  from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/H0GWkcx

Queen Rania of Jordan denounces the West for its 'glaring double standards' in response to Israeli and Gazan deaths and calls out Biden for supporting 'butchery at a mass scale' in fiery interview

Queen Rania of Jordan on Tuesday condemned the West's 'glaring double standards' when it came to Israeli and Gazan deaths. She said the West was too quick to leap to Israel's defense. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/61HfCyx

EXCLUSIVE: Stunned neighbors of Alaska Airlines pilot and 'fantastic father' Joseph Emerson come out in support of him, as he's charged with 83 counts of attempted murder after trying to shut down plane's engine

An off-duty pilot accused of trying to crash a plane with 84 people on board has been pictured for the first time - as stunned locals on his street said he was the perfect dad, husband and neighbor. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/GpCUTJ2

Jennifer Lawrence stuns fans with FULL-FRONTAL naked scene in X-Rated comedy No Hard Feelings on Netflix: 'She's completely fearless!'

Movie fans who hadn't seen the film when it was released earlier this summer are getting a big shock now that it's available to watch on Netflix in the US. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/4vY3cAy

Paris Hilton SLAMS 'sick' trolling over the size of her baby son Phoenix's head and says: 'My angel is healthy - he just has a large brain'

Paris Hilton has hit back at trolls who made vile comments about the size of her baby son's head. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/ydmU8qf

Amanda Abbington QUITS Strictly Come Dancing and is 'left devastated after her time on the show was plagued by difficulties'

Amanda Abbington has quit Strictly Come Dancing after pulling out of Saturday's show at the last minute.  from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/pXvgeLU

Taylor Swift: Travis Kelce's girlfriend shakes it off with Brittany Mahomes to celebrate Chiefs' touchdown, while the pop star gazes adoringly at boyfriend Travis Kelce during Chargers game

The pop sensation is back at Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon after enjoying a lunch at Kelce's house in Missouri with the likes of NFL legend Bernie Kosar earlier in the day. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/unwYUsp

East End gangster-turned-actor Dave Courtney is dead aged 64: Notorious hardman who was an associate of the Krays shoots himself at home

Courtney, one of Britain's best-known gangster, made a name for himself through his affiliation with famous London East End hardmen such as identical twin criminals the Kays and Roy Shaw. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/b8GHYM3

How Bobby and Jack Charlton ended their painful feud of 42 years with a heartfelt hug after falling out over their mum Cissie - as real reason Bobby didn't go to Jack's funeral is revealed

The story behind the row comes as the sporting world today mourns the death of 86-year-old Sir Bobby . Jack died three years earlier, in July 2020, aged 85. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/BvmIMS1

REVEALED - A terror attack has ALREADY been carried out in the UK 'because of Gaza': Asylum seeker in custody over alleged crime 'told police they wanted to avenge deaths of Palestinians'

Details of the terror attack that can be reported are highly restricted, but the suspect is said to have claimed after his arrest that he had committed the offence because Israel had killed children in Gaza. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/HdWo679

KATIE HIND: If I hadn't warned Meghan to stop messaging Ashley Cole... she might have ended up a WAG!

A decade ago, KATIE HIND reluctantly went for a drink with a then-unknown TV actress desperate for tabloid attention. Now she asks: did that night change the history of the British monarchy? from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/5ZnhX7B

Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire by-election results: Rishi Sunak faces demands for immediate tax cuts to avert 1997-style Labour landslide after shattering blows in Tamworth and Mid Bedfordshire - with Keir Starmer gloating he is on the verge of power

Rishi Sunak has been warned he is 'looking general election defeat in the face' after Keir Starmer's party overturned huge majorities in Tamworth and Mid Beds. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/KOZcLXh

Paul O'Grady smoked a joint in his final moments before passing away peacefully in his chair, his husband reveals at star-studded memorial for late comedian

Andre Portasio claimed that the late comedian had gone into the kitchen to make a 'cup of tea', which was their secret code for rolling a spliff, in the moments before he suddenly passed away. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/WiHhSCt

Scottish town is evacuated as Britain braces for Storm Babet: Flood barriers are set up, trains are cancelled and 'do not travel' warnings are issued - as Met Office expands red alert for 70mph gale force winds and heavy rain set to hit at 6pm

All residents have been told to leave the town of Brechin, Angus, with flood warnings set to be put in place for the Brechin River and South Esk Area. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/uk5tW9f

Kim Kardashian reveals her daughter North, 10, IGNORES all her younger siblings and 'lives her life like an only child'

Kim Kardashian is a mother to four, but it seeems her oldest, 10-year-old daughter North, doesn't interact much with her siblings. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/NBfg7O1

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Dragons' Den star Hilary Devey, who was said to have an £80 million fortune, leaves no money in her will

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: I can reveal that, 16 months after she died in Morocco at the age of 65, Hilary Devey left not a single penny in her will. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/Alqwp0r

Joran van der Sloot ADMITS bludgeoning Natalee Holloway to death on beach and disposing of her body in the water and then went home to watch porn - as he is jailed for 20 years under extortion plea deal

Van Der Sloot, 36, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for extortion and wire fraud as part of a plea deal in which he agreed to come clean about how he killed the high school graduate in Aruba in 2005. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/NyKUM7A

Iconic BBC soap is AXED after falling ratings and the cost of living crisis - leaving cast and crew 'shocked'

The cast and crew were reportedly called into a meeting with bosses on Wednesday where they learned the news, after a bid to move the show to a primetime slot failed to draw in audiences. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/IeBPi6G

Strictly's Dianne Buswell sparks concern with cryptic social media post after her emotional appearance with dance partner Bobby Brazier

Dianne Buswell sparked further concerns on her relationship with boyfriend Joe Sugg as she shared a cryptic message on Instagram on Tuesday. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/Ne5LkKG

Tabby Brown dies aged 38: Raheem Sterling's ex-girlfriend and Playboy model tragically passes away as tributes pour in for star

Tributes have poured in for Tabby from South London, who also worked for Playboy and appeared in advertisements for Canon, Virgin Atlantic, AXE and Lynx as well as Channel 5's reality TV show. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/wgMiSGO

Alicia Keys is slammed for 'sick ode to Hamas terror attacks on Israel' after asking fans if she should take up PARAGLIDING - before quickly deleting post and claiming it was 'COMPLETELY unrelated' to brutal war

The 42-year-old singer initially took to Instagram with a photo of herself donning a green leather racing jacket with black and white highlights. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/gkGn6Dm

All those who question the unimaginable savagery of the Hamas attack against Israel must read the words of these forensic scientists struggling to identify the 297 bodies so brutalised as to be unrecognisable

Here at Israel's National Centre of Forensic Medicine, the bodies of the victims of the Hamas attack are being identified. Scientists said it is common to have to separate fused remains. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/4p35w97

Dianne Buswell breaks her silence after holding back tears during emotional Strictly appearance with partner Bobby Brazier

Dianne Buswell has broken her silence after holding back tears during Saturday night's Strictly after her latest performance with partner Bobby Brazier.  from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/0YzFBt9

EXCLUSIVE: Travis Kelce is spotted leaving Taylor Swift's Tribeca apartment in green Palm Angels tracksuit before arriving at MetLife Stadium to watch brother Jason play vs. Jets... but pop sensation stays away

EXCLUSIVE: Swift looked set to attend her second NFL game this week after watching her new beau, Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/SOhp92Q

JANA HOCKING: The new way guys are asking for casual sex… and it left me SHOCKED

Jana Hocking has revealed the shocking way a man asked her for casual sex - and admits she was flattered and upset at the same time. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/CFYKf0S

EXCLUSIVE: Harry and Meghan are seen strolling hand-in-hand on a romantic holiday on uber posh Canouan Island in the Grenadines

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex jetted to the tiny island of Canouan  following a week spent promoting mental health projects in NYC, DailyMail.com can reveal. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/a0PBmlg

Worst bed bug infected cities across Britain MAPPED with creepy crawlies set to invade the UK - so, is YOUR area affected?

Reports of bed bugs have exploded, with social media crawling with photos and videos of the blood-sucking insects. Now, data has revealed the UK's skin-crawling hot spots. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/A6f4kME

Florida teacher savagely beaten unconscious by 270lb autistic student after she told him to stop playing his Nintendo Switch REFUSES to back lighter sentence as he faces up to 30 years in prison

A Florida teacher who was beaten senseless by a 270 pound student has refused to support a lighter sentence for the teen.  from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/lg9sGO3

'Day of jihad' sees anti-Israel protests around the world after former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal told Muslims to 'take to the streets'

Earlier this week, a former Hamas leader called for Muslims to 'take to the streets' in the wake of the terror group's brutal assault on Israel. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/i7tbzyv

Father Thomas Hand WELCOMES the news his 8-year-old daughter Emily was killed by Hamas monsters rather than being kidnapped and taken hostage - after waiting two agonizing days for an update: 'Death was a blessing'

Thomas Hand faced an unbearable two-day wait for news about his daughter Emily after terrorists stormed their kibbutz at around 7am on Saturday, massacring at least 100 people. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/yMLlIOR

Denise Richards, 52, SLAMMED for 'sick' OnlyFans collaboration with daughter Sami Sheen, 19: 'This is f*****g weird and incestuous!'

Denise Richards, 52, has been branded 'sick' for teasing 'another' OnlyFans collaboration with teenage daughter Sami Sheen, 19. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/E7najfi

Israeli woman Inbar Lieberman, 25, is hailed a hero for saving kibbutz Nir Am from invading Hamas

Israeli woman, Inbar Lieberman, 25, has been hailed a hero after saving kibbutz Nir Am from Hamas as infiltrating forces began to invade the border village. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/Pp4frdV

Hamas terrorists 'beheaded babies during kibbutz slaughter where 40 young children were killed': IDF soldiers reveal families were killed in their bedrooms - 'not in war, not a battlefield... a massacre'

Hamas terrorists beheaded babies and gunned down entire families in their homes in the Kfar Aza kibbutz in Israel, Israeli soldiers have revealed. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/R2kZ0lJ

Holly Willoughby quits This Morning months after co-host Phillip Schofield stepped down: Presenter leaves ITV show after 14 years saying decision not to return is 'for me and my family' after ex-Pizza Hut worker was charged over 'kidnap and murder plot'

Holly Willoughby today revealed she 'will not be returning' to This Morning. She said it was an 'honour to just be part of its story' but that she feels 'I have to make this decision for me and my family'. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/yZIwfvW

Horrifying moment Israeli mother and her two young sons are abducted by Hamas terrorists and dragged screaming away from their home with none of the family having been seen since

Shiri Silberman-Bibas, 30, was hiding in a safe room with her husband Yarden and their nine-month and three-year-old boys in Kibbutz Nahal Oz when Israel was invaded by the militants on Saturday. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/1LWNPkx

Palestinian and Israeli supporters clash at London Underground station as police try and keep the peace on a night that saw thousands of people descend on Israeli embassy chanting and throwing fireworks as Rishi Sunak visits synagogue to show support

Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the Israel Embassy in London chanting 'free free Palestine' and lighting flairs, with a huge police response visible. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/7sFoPzV

Israel orders 'complete siege' of Gaza, cutting off food and electricity, and prepares for massive ground offensive 'within 48 hours' in response to Jewish state's 'worst day in history'

Minister Yoav Gallant added that authorities will cut electricity to the bordered area and will block the entry of food and fuel to Gaza from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/KDWt9q0

Antiques Roadshow guest astonished by value of broken brooch she bought at a car boot sale for just £1

Joanna said to the guest said: 'Most people I meet, when they're buying jewellery, they usually go to a jewellery shop, antiques shop, auctions. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/Jtu3TLK

Festival massacre as rescuers find 260 bodies at site where revellers 'first realised something was wrong when a siren started going off before Hamas cut the power and started opening fire'

Yesterday Israel suffered its deadliest attack in decades, as Hamas terrorists rampaged through the country's towns killing 600 people and abducting dozens more. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/SmirNWZ

'She was so frightened, but I couldn't protect her': Father of Israeli student kidnapped from dance festival breaks down in tears after seeing footage of his 'petrified' daughter begging for her life on back of Hamas truck

A video showed Noa Argamani, 25, sitting on the back of a militant's motorcycle, with her outstretched arms pointing towards her helpless boyfriend. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/0DGRiIY

Revealed: German tattoo artist, 30, killed by Hamas while attending a music festival before the militants paraded her body on the back of a truck and claimed she was an Israeli soldier - as her devastated family say they are in a 'nightmare'

Shani Louk, a German national, was in Israel to celebrate at a peace rave close to the border with Gaza when Hamas terrorists attacked in the early hours of a Jewish holiday. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/IqKlWCY

What REALLY happens to your body if you ditch alcohol for a month: Experts reveal the health changes you'll see each week...

Better sleep, glowing skin and a slimmer waistline are just some of the short-term benefits of quitting booze. Karen Tyrell, CEO of UK charity Drinkaware what you can expect from going sober for a month. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/XeFptWO

Australia's alleged worst pedophile Ashley Griffith has boiling water poured over him by fellow inmate in Brisbane jail

The alleged worst pedophile in Australia has been rushed to hospital with facial burns after a fellow inmate doused him with boiling water. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/gehWVuv

The mansion on top of a skyscraper…whose owner will probably never set foot in it: Mega home is built 400ft in the sky in India

The replica of the White House, built on the top of a skyscraper in Bangalore, is located at 400 feet and sprawls across two levels, covering an area of 40,000 square metres. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/rRIpoQ7

Alzheimer's disease: Chris Hemsworth, 40, reveals huge life changes after shock deadly disease test result

Chris Hemsworth has opened up about what he has changed since he got news that he may die young. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/iBarDKj

MAUREEN CALLAHAN: What a load of Golden Balls! David Beckham's slick Netflix hagiography is straight out of the Sussex playbook... Here's the Posh and Becks scandals they conveniently forgot

Bend it like Beckham - the narrative, that is. The new four-part Netflix documentary series, simply titled 'Beckham', has his fingerprints all over it... from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/bFoSje2

Photograph of China's women's 100m hurdles winner hugging another Chinese athlete at the Asian Games is CENSORED in their homeland... but can you figure out why?

A photo of Chinese athlete Lin Yuwei hugging her opponent Wu Yanni at the end of the 100-metre hurdles has been censored in their home country. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/3NZr4sE

Distraught mother cradles her toddler after he is savaged by an XL Bully and left with blood 'pouring from his leg' as she loses a shoe in struggle to save the child

A brave young mother cradled her 20-month-old toddler from an XL Bully after the youngster was savaged by the dog - leaving him with blood pouring from his leg on Monday in Greenwich. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/VBvlryg

Female British Airways staff 'are furious over cheap uniforms designed for non-binary crew' saying the first update in 20 years is purposefully 'androgynous'

The famous airline last year relaxed the rules around its strict uniform policy and went gender-neutral to allow male pilots to wear make-up and carry handbags. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/SnjfIsH

Victoria Beckham looks as close as ever with husband David as they are joined by all four of their children at the BECKHAM documentary premiere

The power couple were also supported by their son Brooklyn, 24, and his wife Nicola Peltz as the family put on a united front for the event at the The Curzon Mayfair. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/bfHZp2h

EXCLUSIVE: 55 Chinese sailors are feared dead after nuclear submarine 'gets caught in a trap intended to snare British and US vessels in the Yellow Sea'

EXCLUSIVE Officially, China has denied the incident took place. It also appears Beijing refused to request international assistance for its stricken submarine. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/rOxh4Ha

Aston Merrygold pays tribute to 'original JLS member' who has died at the age of just 35

The JLS band member, 35, has paid tribute to an 'original JLS member' who died at age 35 on Monday.https://app.ahrefs.com/keywords-explorer/google/gr/overview? υαηοο  keyword=%CF%85%CE%B1%CE%B7%CE%BF%CE%BF from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/CGmSLqB 

TOM LEONARD: She murdered her three husbands, eight strippers who dared look at one of them - and first killed at age 11. As Sofia Vergara plays bloody sex-crazed billionaire cocaine queen Griselda, marvel at the true story you really couldn't make up

A matronly mother of four, the 'baddest b**ch to ever take a breath of life' - those were her words although few would have disagreed - was utterly depraved. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/SmgzrWl

Convicted pedophile, 51, is arrested over abduction of rescued Charlotte Sena, 9, 'after snatching her while she rode bike, then posting ransom note to her parents'

Charlotte Sena has been found alive two days after the nine-year-old vanished while riding a bike in an upstate New York park. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/BkvCHm1

Family of missing Charlotte Sena release new videos of her as desperate search for nine-year-old snatched from campground continues

At 6.15pm, Charlotte cycled alone on Loop A of the campsite in upstate New York where she had been staying with her family and friends. By 6.30pm, her parents knew she was missing. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/Gl9P4vX

'Chelsea on Sea' votes to ban wealthy Londoners from buying holiday homes to avoid facing TRIPLE council tax - but local firms say they need tourists to survive

EXCLUSIVE: Wealthy Londoners flock to Burnham Market to stay in weekend homes or holiday rentals, eager to take advantage of the nearby unspoiled countryside. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/bpWM2gk

Taylor Swift ARRIVES at MetLife Stadium to watch Kansas City Chiefs' tight end boyfriend Travis Kelce take on the New York Jets

Football legend Travis Kelce arrived on the MetLife field to screams and cheers from roaring fans after rocking up to the stadium in a gray suit to face the New York Jets . from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/mUJd7g2

Screaming motorist who banged on terrified woman driver's windscreen and called her a 's**g' in 'road rage' incident is unmasked

Foul-mouthed Peter Abbott, 59, went viral in a video this week when he started shouting at the female motorist outside a petrol station in Bournemouth, Dorset. from Most Read | Mail Online https://ift.tt/oSOxrl6